Picture Yourself on imgScrimmage!

Discover an exciting new way to communicate on social media – with pictures built around the people that matter in your life. imgScrimmage.com and its free mobile app is a breakthrough in mobile sharing that provides fresh inspiration to create and share experiences. Created by a small group of friends to bring the missing real-world connection and fun to social media, imgScrimmage validates experiences in pictures and videos that bring people closer together.

Create friendly challenges, launch fun scavenger hunts, or simply ask “How’s your day going?” … with a close circle of friends or a user base of millions! Across the room or around the world, you can seize the moment to document adventures big and small in public or private scrimmages of your choosing. A night out with friends. That trick you just taught your dog. A day at the beach. A concert or football game. Or anything else you care to capture.

Nothing says “I was there and I did that” better than a picture or video. Put the social back in social networking and have more fun in the process. Creating new memories and closer bonds is an imgScrimmage away!


Our App

imgScrimmage was created to usher in a fundamental change to the passive photo-sharing paradigm. imgScrimmage.com and its streamlined mobile app combine the power of social networks and photo-sharing platforms to introduce a new concept to young consumers everywhere: The ability to easily document experiences and share events through virtual assignments.


Our Team

Alexander Vandervert

Alexander is a natural entrepreneur with a passion for developing products and services that create practical solutions for underserved market needs. In addition to imgScrimmage, he is founder of a South Florida recycling business, and because, as he jokingly puts it, “my love for trash knows no bounds,” he also has an equity share in a social commerce site for selling unwanted items. Happily enrolled as a student in the school of life, Alexander never tires of meeting new people and learning new things. A recent foray into the Gyotaku art of Japanese fish printing produced a framed work that his wife deemed fit to hang in their living room. It was an unlikely victory, but one that reflects Alex’s basic philosophy of business and life. “Getting over the initial fear of failure is 99.99% of the process,” he observes. “Implementing is the fun part!”

Elias Amador

Elias brings a tech-savvy sales and marketing perspective to the imgScrimmage concept. He is a highly regarded information technology specialist who has built numerous websites and mobile app/websites for a wide range of clients. His diverse credentials include lead media engineer at a major home security company and lead web developer at an online retailer of casual apparel. Elias's experience in architecting and developing new technologies was the reason he was brought on board with imgScrimmage. He is currently responsible for developing and managing all the technologies imgScrimmage provides to its vast amount of users.

Sean Stembridge

Sean is a renowned designer and founder of SMS Designs, a British based graphic design studio. He provides ImgScrimmage with a wealth of experience as a graphic designer for companies around the world, specializing in branding, web development, software design and digital media. His partying days now replaced by the responsibilities of a young family, Sean’s idea of a fun time is often a quiet dinner and drinks with friends. “I’m more suited now to relaxing in front of a wood-burning stove with a nice glass of red wine,” Sean confides, evoking the image of an English nobleman from Downton Abbey. “The only thing missing is a pipe, lounge jacket and slippers.”

Brad Thornton

Brad is imgScrimmage’s ace IT development expert with many years of results-driven experience. He has crafted web-based software solutions for leading companies and coordinated digital marketing web development across major business divisions. When he’s not working, Brad enjoys the day-into-night South Florida scene, from beach to bars to concerts under the stars. While you can take the man out of Philadelphia, in Brad’s case, you can’t take Philadelphia out of the man. A rapid Philly sports fan, he’s still a passionate supporter of his hometown teams, especially the NFL’s Eagles. “I guess you could say I enjoy the spoils of a solid mediocre season from year to year,” Brad calculates.