Our App

The Need

In an increasingly fragmented world, shared events are among the last remaining real-world connection for many people. While social networking can serve to bring people closer together on a superficial level, it’s still just a virtual connectedness.

Nowhere is this limitation more evident than in the passive nature of current photo sharing apps. In spite of the booming market for mobile platforms and the countless photo opportunities they make possible, the level of true engagement and interaction among millions of users is extremely low. Someone posts a photo. People look. There’s a “Like” or “Comment.” Game over. It’s a window into someone’s life that opens and closes quickly without any significant or enriching interaction.

Adding to this static, unrewarding experience is a lack of motivation to capture photo-worthy moments. Without the publicity or monetary force that drives celebrities and businesses to create content on a regular basis, the average user can go days or weeks without posting a photo. They exist in a limbo of inactive, accumulated connections that become less relevant … and less connected … over time.

The Solution

imgScrimmage was created to usher in a fundamental change to the passive photo-sharing paradigm. ImgSrcimmage.com and its streamlined mobile app combine the power of social networks and photo-sharing platforms to introduce a new concept to young consumers everywhere: The ability to easily document experiences and share events through virtual assignments.

Created by a small group of friends to bring the missing real-world connection and fun to social media, ImgScrimmage validates experiences in pictures and videos that bring people closer together. Initially available on iPhone and Android in a simple user-friendly format, it’s a dynamic social app for creating friendly challenges, launching fun scavenger hunts, or simply asking “How’s your day going?”

Capturing experiences across the room or around the world – with a close circle of friends or a social network of millions – it enables users to seize the moment and document adventures big and small in public and private scrimmages of their choosing. A night out with friends. The trick someone just taught their dog. A day at the beach. A concert or football game. Or anything else users care to record and share. All with a guaranteed level of privacy that is theirs to decide.

The Competitive Edge

What separates imgScrimmage from passive, follower-based photo-sharing apps currently out, is its capacity to prompt users to take a picture or video. This new perspective to the photo/video sharing paradigm will trigger more frequent in-the-moment responses, driving a much higher exchange of content between users as they join in the excitement of something bigger than themselves. Turning idle followers into enthusiastic participants by facilitating a collective effort/bigger cause is the foundation of the ImgScrimmage model. It provokes individuals to actively interact with each other and businesses to harness a powerful marketing tool that drives real brand engagement.

Where before, there was just a quickly-closing window into someone’s life through a posted photo, ImgScrimmage lets people actually become part of a group experience, bridging the gap between on and offline and delivering content to a wider audience. Putting the social back in social networking, ImgScrimmage provides the channel to create new memories and closer bonds while having more fun in the process.