Creating a Scrimmage (Invitation/Public)

1.) From any location within the imgScrimmage application, Select the “Play” button within the footer of the application (reference: A1)

2.) From the “Play” page, select “Invitation Scrimmage” (reference: A2)

3.) You will then be required to enter/select the following information: (reference A2)

  • Enter your scrimmage (Description)
  • Scrimmage Photo
  • Scrimmage Privacy (Off)
  • Scrimmage Participants (reference A3)
  • Timer (Optional)
  • Share (Facebook or Twitter)

4.) Once all information is entered correctly, select “Create” (reference: A4)

5.) Once the “Invitation Scrimmage” is successfully created, it will post to the “Newsfeed” page where only invited friends will have the ability to submit photos to the Scrimmage.

6.) The “Invitation Scrimmage” can also be viewed within the “Invitations” Tab of the “Play” page where it displays a full listing of all invitation Scrimmages (public/private) that you the user are a part of. Friends who have not been invited to the Scrimmage will only have the ability to view, comment and like the submissions.

Reference A1:

Reference A2:

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